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About Us

CULA is the nation’s largest provider of new and used indirect auto leasing services to consumer lenders, both credit unions and banks. We also offer indirect and direct balloon, as well as commercial auto leasing.

Our philosophy of business partnership with consumer lenders is simple. By amending your current indirect retail program with our indirect lease program, we encourage you to focus on your core competencies — that which you do best — the “lending” side of the program. So you manage the underwriting, book the lease on your system as a balloon loan, receive and post payments, and of course service your lessee! When you add CULA’s automobile lease program to your indirect lending program, you do not need to hire experts. Our program easily fits in your already growing indirect lending portfolio, and your current staff will be able to handle the addition of the lease product.

Then sit back and relax... let CULA do the rest.

We’re experts at vehicle leasing — after all we’ve been around a generation. CULA will handle all the “leasing stuff.” That means we’ll provide a wide variety of lease specialty services like program insurance, residual risk mitigation, insurance tracking, sales tax remittal and FASB 13 Accounting. And, we don’t stop there. To see our complete bundle of services, click here to watch our brief webinars about all the expert services CULA provides to its client credit unions and banks.

At CULA, we assist and empower credit unions and banks to lease vehicles. Our systems, policies and procedures have been established and proven to aid consumer lenders in becoming leaders in the industry.

Our Mission:

  • Credit Union Leasing of America is committed to individual and corporate excellence.
  • We are committed to being the Icon in the credit union and banking indirect leasing industry.
  • We provide tools and expertise, empowering consumer lenders to lease vehicles.
  • We continually invest in one another, building a highly competent team.
  • We conduct ourselves with high moral and ethical standards.
  • We do not compromise principles for profit.

To learn more about CULA and its leasing finance products, take a moment to view
one of our webinars. These brief, 10-minute presentations give you an overview of
our business and why you should offer an automobile lease program
to your members!


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