The customer support you need when leasing a vehicle

The customer support you need when leasing a vehicle

The customer support you need when leasing a vehicle

The customer support you need when leasing a vehicle

Welcome to CULA Lessee Support

The CULA support site offers you resources on common leasing questions. Explore this site for the information you need during your lease and when you’re close to lease-end.

Lease End Process

If it’s time to say goodbye, you have these great lease-end options available to you:

Buy Your Vehicle

Your financial institution may be able to help with financing options. Learn More

Trade In Your Vehicle

In this option a dealer is purchasing the vehicle. Typically this is when you buy or lease a new vehicle from them. Learn More

Return Your Vehicle

If you want to return your current vehicle, CULA handles everything from inspection to vehicle pickup. Get Started

End of Lease Checklist

At CULA we aim to make your auto leasing experience smooth and worry-free. When the end of your lease is approaching, we can facilitate the process of completing your lease. Get Started


We provide brochures that will help you understand you lease options and facilitate the lease-end process. View Brochures

Regardless of which option you take, notify CULA at least 30 days before lease-end.

  • Fill out the online checklist form OR Call us at 800-878-5400 ext.0 10:00AM – 7:00PM EST Mon-Fri.

Buy Your Vehicle

If you love your vehicle and want to keep it, this is an easy and convenient option. If you need financing your financial institution may be able to help with that too.

Step 1. Call your financial institution and ask for a payoff quote.

Step 2. Notify CULA by calling 800-878-5400 ext.0 or filling out the online End of Lease Checklist.

Trade In Your Vehicle

If you’ve already found your next car, your dealer can buy your car as a trade in.

Because they are essentially buying the vehicle from the financial institution on your behalf, you remain responsible for the lease obligations and should ask for documentation from the dealer that they will be paying off your lease balance with the financial institution.

Note: You are responsible for the vehicle until the dealer completes the transaction.

Step 1. Notify CULA by calling 800-878-5400 ext.0 or filling out the online End of Lease Checklist.

Step 2. Ask the dealer to provide paperwork confirming that they have taken the responsibility to pay the lease balance with the financial institution.

Return Your Vehicle

If you want to return your vehicle – let’s get started:

CULA will contact you about scheduling your inspection

A representative will contact you and schedule the inspection at your home, office, or other convenient location. CULA will then review the results with you. Learn how to prepare for your inspection.

You make the final payments

Confirm with your financial institution that you have finished making all your payments.

Your vehicle will be picked-up

CULA will arrange to pick up the vehicle at your home, office, or other convenient location. A final inspection will be completed and if anything is found you will be notified immediately.

End of Lease Checklist

Please fill in the 3 minute form and submit it. We will email or call you after receiving your information. Click the button below to continue.

Below are our helpful lease brochures. Click on the title to open a brochure in a PDF format. If you would like us to send you a brochure in the mail, click here to email us or give us a call: 800-878-5400.

Welcome Brochure – Understanding your Consumer Vehicle Lease (PDF)

This brochure describes in detail, important information regarding your consumer lease with CULA. It includes Commonly Asked Questions, a detailed explanation of each section of the lease agreement, insurance requirements, vehicle maintenance, excessive wear & use, and what to expect at lease end.

Lease End Brochure (PDF)

This brochure has been designed to help you identify your lease-end options and guide you through the decisions you will be making and the action items that will result from those choices.

Wear and Tear Template (PDF)

This is a template that describes what wear and tear charges may be applicable on your vehicle. This template will answer many of your wear and tear questions.

Vehicle Turn In Receipt (PDF)

Your vehicle is not considered turned in until we have received a signed copy of this document from you. The document must have the final odometer reading of your vehicle at the time of turn in. It is recommended that you have the individual receiving the vehicle sign the form and include his or her contact information. Simply fax it to us at 619-516-3910. Or you can scan the document and attach it to an email. Click here to send us an email. Please attach the Turn In Receipt.

Accident or Theft?

Contact us immediately. We include GAP insurance with your program, and will work with your insurer to maximize claim benefits.

Contact CULA before your vehicle is repaired, especially if your have any frame/unibody or odometer repairs. This will reduce your risk of unexpected expenses down the road.


Contact your financial institution before you move.

Not every state is licensed for the CULA lease. Plus, moving to a new tax district even in the same state can affect your lease payment.


Who is CULA?

CULA is the lessor and the owner of your vehicle. The financial institution is the lender on your vehicle.

When to contact CULA?

  • Your vehicle is in an accident
  • Your vehicle was stolen
  • At lease end

When to contact your financial institution?

  • Questions on your payment
  • You want a payoff quote
  • You’re planning to move
  • You change insurance coverage or carriers

Who is responsible for paying property taxes on my leased vehicle?

As the lessee you are responsible for taxes and other government fees (i.e. parking tickets, registration, excise, etc.)

Can I take my leased vehicle outside of the United States?

Your leased vehicle cannot be taken to Mexico at any time, not even if you purchase additional insurance. Your leased vehicle may only be taken to Canada if you receive written authorization from CULA in advance, and acquire the appropriate insurance.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?

As the lessee, you are responsible for all dealer recommended maintenance as well as any repairs beyond normal wear and tear. Your lease contract has additional details.

When my lease is over, when can I drop insurance from the vehicle?

When CULA has accepted delivery of the vehicle you can drop your insurance coverage. CULA cannot accept delivery of your vehicle until all payments have been completed with the financial institution. If you or a dealer buys the vehicle then you can drop insurance when the title changes.