Leasing + Lending = Exponential Benefits For Growing A National Credit Union

Bethpage Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Bethpage, Long Island, the center of one of the largest leasing markets in the country. They have been offering indirect auto loans and auto leases for several years. Bethpage made the decision to transition their leasing program over to Credit Union Leasing of America (CULA) in March 2016.

Bethpage wanted to work with a vendor that was fundamentally focused on working with credit unions and their members. Additionally, the CULA program for lease terminations allows dealers to buy the vehicle for the same price offered to the member, and that aligned with what Bethpage was looking for. Chris Walsh, the Senior Manager of Consumer Lending, who has been with Bethpage for more than 18 years, explains the thinking behind the decision: “We wanted to work with a vendor that was really focused on credit unions and its members and CULA is more than qualified. CULA’s program was very well aligned with our goals for leasing.”

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