Who is CULA?

CULA is the lessor and the owner of your vehicle. The financial institution is the lender on your vehicle.

When to contact CULA?

  • Your vehicle is in an accident
  • Your vehicle was stolen
  • At lease end

When to contact your financial institution?

  • Questions on your payment
  • You want a payoff quote
  • You’re planning to move
  • You change insurance coverage or carriers

Who is responsible for paying property taxes on my leased vehicle?

As the lessee you are responsible for taxes and other government fees (i.e. parking tickets, registration, excise, etc.)

Can I take my leased vehicle outside of the United States?

Your leased vehicle cannot be taken to Mexico at any time, not even if you purchase additional insurance. Your leased vehicle may only be taken to Canada if you receive written authorization from CULA in advance, and acquire the appropriate insurance.

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?

As the lessee, you are responsible for all dealer recommended maintenance as well as any repairs beyond normal wear and tear. Your lease contract has additional details.

When my lease is over, when can I drop insurance from the vehicle?

When CULA has accepted delivery of the vehicle you can drop your insurance coverage. CULA cannot accept delivery of your vehicle until all payments have been completed with the financial institution. If you or a dealer buys the vehicle then you can drop insurance when the title changes.