Lease End Process

If it’s time to say goodbye, you have these great lease-end options available to you:

Buy Your Vehicle

Your financial institution may be able to help with financing options. Learn More

Trade In Your Vehicle

In this option a dealer is purchasing the vehicle. Typically this is when you buy or lease a new vehicle from them. Learn More

Return Your Vehicle

If you want to return your current vehicle, CULA handles everything from inspection to vehicle pickup. Get Started

End of Lease Checklist

At CULA we aim to make your auto leasing experience smooth and worry-free. When the end of your lease is approaching, we can facilitate the process of completing your lease. Get Started


We provide brochures that will help you understand you lease options and facilitate the lease-end process. View Brochures

Regardless of which option you take, notify CULA at least 30 days before lease-end.

  • Fill out the online checklist form OR Call us at 800-878-5400 ext.0 10:00AM – 7:00PM EST Mon-Fri.